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Skype Room System | Video conference for all rooms
Kontor-X have, as one of few selected suppliers, been given the honor to be first out with Microsofts finished product, after years of working with the so called Project Rigel.
It is a co-operation between Microsoft and Logitech that resulted in Skype Room System.
A completely new video conference system adapted to the world’s largest and fastest growing video platform Microsoft Skype.
With the solution you get a lot for your money which can also quickly be accounted back to you through the benefits that video- and telephone meetings gives you.

Skype Room System gives you:

  • Dedicated, powerful intelligence managing the calls to 100%
  • Simple use for even the most uncoordinated user
  • Video conferences in HD-quality.
  • Motorized camera
  • Supreme conference phone for both Skype och telephone conferences.
  • A video-codec with as high security as your other IT.
  • Manageable in domain as a standard PC.

Skype Room System is a certified Microsoft Skype unit: MS Partnersite

If you want a demonstration, information or contact regarding Skype Room System, contact us and we will contact you shortly.

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