Modern Conferenceroom at Consid

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Modern conference rooms with a new yet old finish!
There are many ways for us to be involved in the creation of modern conference rooms. But the premises of Consid in Linköping is truly extraordinary. At the central street Ågatan in Linköping, an attic loft has been completely renovated into a larger office space. A place where new and modern meets industrial and old.

We at Kontor-X had the honor of entering the project early and could therefore help with installation planning and do without baseboards on the floors and walls that would’ve ruined the otherwise clean design of the conference room.

When channelizaton and furniture was done our technicians put the last details in place by installing a 70″ screen, video conference system for Skype and distance-calls, as well as 2 “table-wells” to avoid any cables across the table, for a quiet and modern look.

Everything is controlled from the control system which is nicely integrated into one of the “table-wells”.

The conference room is used frequently and Consid sees that the need for “Skype for Business” as a meeting function has increased a lot since moving and the implementation of a Skype-optimized conference room.

We at Kontor-X see the same trend with increased need for modern conference rooms without physical limitations.

Please contact us for more details on this and many other conference rooms.

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