Conference Rooms
Kontor-X is one of Sweden’s fastest growing suppliers of solutions for digital meetings!

Our expertise ranges from the little office space, through smaller conference rooms, boardrooms up to grand auditoriums.

Our focus has been on user-friendliness and we’re working hard to standardize the technology in a flexible and future-proof way to always offer our clients, “the right tech at the right time”

To us reliability and scalability is more important than “the latest” and we’re constantly working to quality-proof our solutions by the trends we see. Our basic thought is that whether you have a projector, conference-screen, video wall, touch-board or a video conference system, everything should run seamlessly with a simple user-interface.

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Video conference
Video conference has in our perspective been at a standstill for a long time, or maybe grown in different directions. But since last year when Microsoft Lync was merged with video when switching to Skype, it feels like the market has turned.

In Sweden we see that more and more organizations looks at “Skype for business” as the natural step in their communication basis for video conference but we also see the challenge with changing protocols and different systems are already integrated at specifically the bigger companies. Of course there are good solutions to merge these together and we will gladly help you with that.

Virtual meetings, distance meetings or online meetings are only some of all the names that in one way or another have become synonymous with video conference, which actually means to see and hear each other in real-time as well as being able to take part of each others presentations. With new technology like touch-boards you also have the possibility to write on each others “white-boards” regardless of physical distance between you.

At Kontor-X we have knowledgeable and certified personnel for most brands and equipment, from the little to the big business, and we can seamlessly tailor solutions with or conference room installations.

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