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Canadian Matrox Graphics allows Kontor-X and Tekniska Verken to adorn their home page.
The giant Matrox, that manufactures specialized products for visualization of alarms in control rooms released a press release on the installation that we Kontor-X performed together with our customer and Tekniska Verken, who is a supplier of district heating, water, electricity and broadband in Linköping.

Link to press release:

The video wall in the control room of KV1 technically consists of 18 borderless screens which together roughly forms a 7 × 2 meter large video wall.
Underlying is a powerful control system from Matrox receiving source-information from electricity, steam, district heating, cooling, water, etc. which is monitoring a total of over 70 physical locations in 10 municipalities.

To the article: “Swedish Power Utility Increases Productivity and Collaboration through the Multi-Input / Output Video Wall”

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