Global contract with Saabgroup

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Kontor-X will, in accordance with the agreement, install and maintain conference equipment in all the countries where the defense and security company SAAB is represented with offices.
– For us, this means an opportunity for expansion that would otherwise be unthinkable. For this to become reality, we’ve been creating new partnerships in a number of countries, with local businesses that will represent us, says Erik Ringkvist, head of sales at Kontor-X.

In practice it means, to install equipment in SAAB’s conference and meeting areas, train the company’s personnel and serve as an ongoing service resource.

– The most extraordinary aspect has been the journey that began in 2010, when we became a local supplier to SAAB in Linköping. Then 2014, when we became a national partner and now we’re heading out in the world as a global supplier to SAAB, says Erik Ringkvist. We are extremely grateful that they have believed in us and our ability.

– The agreement is the result of several years of joint testing, measurements and challenges. The biggest advantage for us is that we get the opportunity to have the same system in all of our offices throughout the world, says Björn Ivarsson, head of the Workplace & Communications at SAAB.

Reduces uncertainty for employees
In global companies there is naturally, a variety of meeting situations, both within the country and across borders. In this situation we create a uniform technology conformity. Conference Room Equipment that works the same everywhere reduces the uncertainty for employees.

Many small time-savers can have greater impact than you first think.

– If we assume that the average time saved on each meeting is a minute or two by having well-known and robust technology, it becomes plenty of time when put together. In addition, the number of reported errors have been greatly reduced in the communities that have already introduced this, summarizes Erik Ringkvist.

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