Digital signage brings messages to life
Kontor-X offers a wide selection of products for digital messages, so called digital signage, in different sizes.
Digital signage is the perfect solution for flexible communication, where fast messages, animations etc, can easily be switched.

This digital form of information-feeds have increased greatly in the last few years, both its demand and quality. Smartly and simply can it be combined with other parts adapted to your business, like pressure sensitive signage screens for active communication in different environments and with targeted speakers for the spread of sound to be exactly as you wish.

Kontor-X delivers digital signage screens for both indoor and outdoor use, for public information as well as commercial use in stores.

The information is distributed through a few simple steps with the software that suits your business best:
1. Load a file, text or link.
2. Choose where and in which screens and screen-zones your information should be displayed.
3. Choose if you want specific time settings for your information to be displayed.
Digital Signage

All our solutions uses the same scalable strategy where you as a company can use it very simply. The screens for digital content starts at 32″ to as big as 450″ if needed.

The scalable version we use makes it so we can implement digital signage in a very cost-effective way with everything from free digital signage tools to premium options with all conceivable functions.

All the solutions we deliver are thoroughly tested and has a simple and user-friendly interface which we can tailor to specifically your business, needs and goals. That makes it simple to handle everything from one to thousands of screens at the same time. Several users can be created with different user rights for separate screens or zones.

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